A masterpiece of engineering
Come and view the all-new HP4 RACE in-store.
Set your sights on something much more than just an ordinary motorcycle. Broken free of restrictions and expectations, the HP4 RACE sets unprecedented standards, from its gorgeous all-carbon body to its flawless four-cylinder, four-stroke in-line engine.

We have the HP4 RACE in our showroom and it's your turn to get close to this prestigious, limited edition machine.
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Tidal curves
Built by hand. Optimised for maximum performance.
Made by hand in Berlin, the HP4 RACE delivers a stunning 158 kW (215 HP) of power and a maximum torque of 120 Nm at 10,000 rpm. The first service, including an oil change, is carried out after the engine has been run in and recorded on the test stand by BMW Motorrad specialists. Once run in, it's endoscoped and the control times and valve clearance are adjusted. The HP4 RACE is ready to ride at its full potential, right from the moment of delivery.

Sharp and intimidating, yet captivating with gorgeous tidal curves. Each line proudly represents the new signature HP motorsport colours, boasting a bright white base, finely accented in racing metallic blue and racing red stripes. The perfect interplay between its luscious paintwork and its premier carbon material core.
Carbon Frame
Fully carbon, a new benchmark in lightweight construction.
Made from endless carbon fibre, the frame of the HP4 RACE sets a brand new benchmark. A continuous component from the steering head right down to the swing arm pivot. Compared to a standard frame, it saves a full four kilos in weight, giving you even more control.

It's not just about its gorgeous looks though, the characteristics of the carbon frame give the HP4 RACE a dominating confidence during each and every twist and turn, through each growl of power. As rigid as aluminium, as hard as steel.
Limited edition performance
Pure performance, 750 times over.
The HP4 RACE is a masterpiece of engineering prowess. Each and every one of the 750 limited-edition racing machines was handmade by our specialists and fitted with a numbered sticker. For those who have no limits and always go further. There are only a few like this. More precisely: seven hundred and fifty.

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